Situated on the corner of Archer Road and Ulverston Road find this corner shop with a difference.Opening as a real ale off-licence in 1982 under the name of Small Beer and under current ownership  since 1995 and a name change to The Archer Road Beer Stop.Once through the door you will be greeted by the sight of beer engines and shelves of beer from both locally and from around the world,and the unmistaken aroma of real draught beer.

The at home drinker is offered the opportunity to enjoy real ale at a very reasonable price,or make a choice of bottles from the extensive range (usually around 200 or so).Although a small shop  the business has been listed in national News papers (including B.B.C. Food and Drink)and numerous specialist directories, features in Camra's Good Beer Guide(12 consecutive years now) and has been commended by The British Guilde Of Beer Writers and Sheffield and District branch of Camra.

Apart from the draught beers of particular interest might be the large choice of bottle conditioned beers.This is an old idea making something of a come back.Instead of being filtered ,pasteurised and carbonated,these beers are naturally conditioned by yeast in the bottle.

The only draw back is the sediment,which will need a little time to settle,and also some care will be needed in pouring.On the other hand this sediment is only yeast and some people prefer to pour this in as well.You will also find a fair selection of Belgian and German beers and those guys certainly know what they're doing with rich beer traditions spanning centuries and numerous styes;wheat,fruit,monastic and seasonal specials(eg.Oktoberfest and Christmas).