Ilkley Brewey
A fairly new and go ahead brewery making a wide range of ales ,often named in honour of the Mary Jane of bare headed infatuation fame.They often adopt an innovative twist on traditional ideas.including a Victorian Dinner Ale and a Saison style (with rhubarb),as well as pale,dark and golden offerings.The labels include full details of malts,hops and any other ingredients used.

Gluten Free Beers
Wold Top's duo of Against The Grain and Scarborough Fair IPA are both certified as gluten free (less than 20 ppm) so ideal for anybody suffering from celiacs.Although the brewery is proud that these beers also have a large non-celiac following and certainly combine quality with affordability.

Fulstow Brewey

producing Fugelstou ales in Louth,Lincolnshire.There ingredients panel proudly proclaims "NO CRAP" again bottle conditioned with a comprehensive product range from a (Marsh)Mild through to the somewhat dangerous but delicious  Sledge Hammer Stout(the name and it's 8%a.b.v. are clues).

Gales Fruit Wines
A range of fruit wines from the dry Damson and medium Sloe through to the sweetness of Mead.Stronger than average wines and also with better keeping qualities,not that they'll be  being kept in the fridge that long.Traditionally made in Hampshire and now part of the Fullers Group.


Draught Beers

Real Ale to enjoy at home and at significantly less than most pubs.Any amount can be purchased from a half pint up to full casks.As well as being more natural than cans and bottles the handy containers we can supply are also enviromentally friendly promoting re-use over disposal or even re-cycling.The range  varies and is larger at week ends but mainly features local beers with a few visitors from further afield.Apart from "carry outs" larger polypins(beer cubes)and casks(9 gallons)can be supplied for parties and functions.

Real ciders

Real ciders produced in the proper way,these certainly have apples in them,infact they even tell you which types(Browns,Foxwhelp,Red Streak etc.).Often still and very strong sourced from Kent,Herefordshire,Somerset or anywhere they appreciate Scrumpy.

Wold Top Brewery.
Sourcing its malt locally this East Yorkshire business produces an admirable range of bottled beer styles including bitter,mild,pales as well as stronger and occasional dark beers.

Kelham Island Brewery.
Once upon a time Sheffield was a brewing metropolis with tens of thousands industrial thirsts to quench.A somewhat sad sign of the times saw the closure of all Sheffield's big breweries,most mourned.However,into the resulting void stepped a new generation of micro breweries,at  the fore front in the steel city  the arrival of Kelham Island Brewery drew a cheer from real ale lovers.Now the largest of Sheffield's breweries Kelham has won many playdits including Chamion Beer Of Britain for Pale Rider.There filtered beers are the famous Pale Rider  5.2%a.b.v. Easy Rider 4.3%a.b.v. and Pride Of Sheffield 4.0%a.b.v.Recently smaller editions of bottle condituoned beers have started to appear for example Brooklyn smoked Porter(a.b.v.6.3%) and Grande Pale(a.b.v.6.6%).

Saltaire Brewery,
Situated in the historic village site on the outskirts of Bradford,with a mission statement to educate as well as edify,these bottle labels have won awards for the information about all their ingredients,including soft Yorkshire water.The range includes Fuggles,Goldings,Cascade and most recently Hazelnut and Coffee Porter.

Durham Brewery
Established in 1994 and growing in reputation for the quality of their cask and bottle conditioned beers.We stock the entire range of bottles
Cloister 4.5%a.b.v. A strong premium bitter.

Evensong 5.0%a.b.v.A ruby coloured English bitter based on a 1937 recipe,and winner of Champion Bottled Beer of Britain in 2005.

St.Cuthbert 6.5%a.b.v.Quite strong and pale,based on the style exported to quench  the thirsts of soldiers and civil servants on the sub-continent.
Benedictus 8.4%a.b.v.Strong,malty and vinous (the name used as wine was growing in popularity).

Bede's Chalice 9.0%a.b.v.named in honour of Durham's Venerable Bede and a pale strong celebration.

Temptation 10.0% a.b.v. strong and smooth ,very strong Imperial Stout.The style exported to Russia before World War One.

*brand new White Velvet 4.2% a.b.v. *